About Chisago Lakes Golf Course


*The best value isn’t always the lowest price
*Golf is a social activity
*Golf is best played when surrounded by nature

Our Commitment to you is:
Providing the best golf experience for a reasonable price.
Greens are a top priority. Our greens roll true and fast whenever possible. You won’t find better greens on any other public course around here.
Everyone should have fun and enjoy themselves here and we will do whatever we can to help that fun and enjoyment.

Chisago Lakes Golf Course is for you! Where you get all of this is in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Come check us out and see why 99% of our customers in a recent survey recommend us to their friends!

We like to think that Chisago Lakes Golf Course is one of the most golfer friendly courses in all of Minnesota. It’s the kind of place where the friendly face behind the counter will know your name after a round or two; we provide a down-to-earth environment where you can unwind and enjoy yourself; and we have a course that can offer plenty of playing excitement.

We have doglegs here, ups and downs on the fairways and a few adventures with water as well. Some of our par-3s will stump you and we even have our own version of the church pew bunker at Oakmont. Just when you think you’ve got a birdie going, you may have to think again. So get ready to exercise your best strategy and accuracy or you will be replaying those favorite holes in your mind for hours.

This is also a course where beginners can find their game and grow to love golf with a passion. We’ve poured energy into introducing all members of the family to our great game. No matter what your skills, we invite you to come out and give our course a try. Ask about our lesson plans as well.

Chisago Lakes Golf Course is also a player friendly place for your next outing or tournament whether it is for a business, non-profit group, family, or friendly get-together. We’re conveniently located for players in the Chisago Lakes area and are just across the border from Wisconsin. It’s also a great place for golfers from Minneapolis-St. Paul to visit and enjoy a real getaway-from-it-all experience. We like to think of ourselves as the golfing jewel of the North Metro.